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The Traffic Unit is responsible for traffic enforcement throughout San Jose. They investigate traffic accidents, and enforce laws designed to reduce traffic accidents.

POA Chaplaincy Program

The San Jose Police Chaplaincy program was founded by a group of police officers in 1978. The objective was to provide a service for members and families of the San Jose Police Department. The program operates with the approval and support of the San Jose Police Department Administration and the San Jose Police Officers' Association.

Chaplains Bridgen and BecknallCurrently, there are two full-time chaplains for the Department, Chaplain Dave Bridgen and Chaplain Jim Becknall. They both are available to assist any member, family member, or retired member of the San Jose police Department regardless of religious beliefs. Chaplain Becknall coordinates the Community Chaplains Program.

The chaplains take part in many departmental functions such as promotion and graduation ceremonies; they assist during times of crisis and they also counsel and support the San Jose Police community.

These chaplains are not on the city payroll. This is where you can help! The Chaplaincy program is funded only by gifts and contributions. What are needed are commitments to give regularly in order to support this program that has and will continue to assist personnel within the San Jose Police community. Your financial gift is fully tax deductible as well.

San Jose Police Chaplaincy Cross - Chaplain ProgramInformation that you might need:

471 Santa Clara Street (Enter through the rear)
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 297-9500

How you can reach:

Chaplain Jim:
Cell: (408) 234-9771

Chaplain Dave:
Cell: (408) 219-6666