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SJPD motorcycles' maneuverability and inherent ability to monitor speed limits, in areas a squad car cannot, make them quite effective in enforcing traffic laws.

Past Chaplain's Corner

by Chaplain Dave Bridgen

In his article, "Dealing with Your Spouse's Family," Gary Chapman provides some insight into relating with your in-laws. A continuing conflict with in-laws can damage your marriage. Here are some of his suggestions that may help:

  • Be sure your spouse knows you will never choose a parent over your partner.
  • Identify the issues that are most troublesome; work with your spouse to narrow down what bothers you the most.
  • Ask your spouse for help. Your spouse can help you determine if you should talk to your in-laws, or if doing so would be futile. If the problem is unsolvable, decide how you and your spouse can adapt to a less than perfect situation.
  • Accept that your in-law is imperfect. Try to learn about him or her; ask questions about their childhood or their work.
  • Examine yourself and see if you have caused any bad feelings that could be corrected.
  • Think positively, such as how you can honor your in-laws for giving the gift of life to your spouse. How you can encourage or support them.

Sometimes in-laws can be a real problem, but try to make it the best of times when you are with them.

Have a great day!

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