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Past Chaplain's Corner

by Chaplain Dave Bridgen

Have some fun!!!

There are some good reasons why you should take a vacation every year. It gives you time to spend with friends and family. You experience the physical and mental refreshment of a change of routine and scenery. You prepare for another year of productive activity.

There is a Greek motto which says: YOU WILL BREAK THE BOW IF YOU KEEP IT ALWAYS BENT. Which, loosely translated means: There is more to life than hard work. Loosening the strings on your bow means when you have some leisure time, you live it up. You break the uptight mold and do stuff that helps you stay sane.

Jim Elliot wrote, "Wherever you are, be all there." Live to the hilt in every situation. It means you are free to enjoy, to full measure, your leisure.

Have a great day!

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