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Past Chaplain's Corner

by Chaplain Dave Bridgen

In our hectic, busy lives of today, the sound care and feeding of our bodies should be a necessity. Our bodies are a complex machine, uniquely designed by God. With so many demands in our lives, we need to realize the importance of providing our bodies with the right fuel. There are many benefits we will receive by making the decision to eat properly. An alert mind, better concentration and a good attitude are just a few.

One very important benefit for you and your body is the strengthening ability to meet the demands of stress. Stress can result from any change both, good or bad, and is no respecter of occupations, managers, administrators, chaplains, officers, secretaries and many others. All have been affected by stress at one time or another.

Most people are familiar with the long-term effects of stress resulting in heart conditions, strokes, and high blood pressure. However, did you know that stress can also lead to many minor symptoms associated with how you are feeling? If you have too many colds or headaches, have trouble falling to sleep and staying asleep, have poor concentration, feel fatigued or irritable or if you find yourself organizing your work day but not getting much done, these conditions also can be the result of stress.

You cannot rid yourself of stress, for it is inevitable and a reality. The solution lies in eating health-strengthening foods and thus equipping your body to withstand the effects of stress. SO, the next time you feel pressure at the office or out in the field, don't reach for a donut. Take an energy break and eat an apple instead!

I came across this article by Sylvia Flaten and thought it had some good common sense.

Have a great day !!!

Chaplain Dave Bridgen

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