San Josť POA - San Josť Police Officers' Association
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Serving San Josť Police Officers Since 1962!

The Mounted Unit was formed in 1986. The unit was formed to increase police presence in our downtown. The HMU also work special events such as festivals.

POA Board of Directors

The San Josť POA Board of Directors are made up of three executive positions: President, Vice-President and CFO; and 12 Director positions. Elections for Executives and Directors are held in accordance with the Bylaws. All terms are 2 years in length, pending re-election. The SJPOA Directors are devoted to protecting the rights and benefits of all San Josť Police Officers.


John has been a police officer for the city of San Jose for the past 18 years.

John has worked patrol, The Megan's law enforcement/290 team in the sexual assaults investigations unit and the special operations M.E.R.G.E unit (SWAT).

John is currently assigned and in his second tour in the Megan's law enforcement/290 team in sexual assaults investigations unit.

John has been a POA director since January of 2013 and has stated that it is a privilege and an honor to serve the rank and file and to protect their constitutional rights. He became Vice President in July of 2017.

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