San Josť POA - San Josť Police Officers' Association
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Serving San Josť Police Officers Since 1962!

Our Department currently utilizes one helicopter for policing purposes of deterring crime and providing Community Policing support to our community.

POA Board of Directors

The San Josť POA Board of Directors are made up of three executive positions: President, Vice-President and CFO; and 12 Director positions. Elections for Executives and Directors are held in accordance with the Bylaws. All terms are 2 years in length, pending re-election. The SJPOA Directors are devoted to protecting the rights and benefits of all San Josť Police Officers.


Teddy Davis is a fifteen year veteran of the San Jose Police Department. He is currently assigned to the Bureau of Administration Training Unit as an Instructor. He has worked in a Patrol Officer capacity for seven years. In 2009 he was assigned to the Bureau of Investigations Narcotics Covert Investigations Unit (NCI). While assigned to NCI, he was responsible for countless arrests involving narcotics, human trafficking, prostitution, purchasing stolen assault rifles, solicitation for murder for hire and other cases involving numerous undercover operations. In 2011 he was assigned to the Covert Response Unit (CRU). While working in an undercover capacity he was responsible for being the case officer on several violent high profile fugitive apprehensions, serving high risk search warrants, and assisting other San Jose Police Departments Units (I.E. Homicide, Robbery, Gang Investigations, Sexual Assault Unit, ICACC, and Assaults Unit) with surveillance and apprehension of violent suspects. In 2013 he was assigned to the San Jose Police Department Training Unit as a Trainer/ Instructor.

Teddy Davis has certified/instructed law enforcement officers throughout the State of California in Bicycle Patrol, Surveillance, Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, Law Enforcement Driving Simulator, Force Options Simulator, Tactical Firearms and Building Search Techniques, First Aid and CPR, Defensive Tactics and Arrest Control Techniques, Conducted Electronic Weapons, Projectile Impact Weapons, and Simunitions. In 2014 he developed a post approved perishable skills course, Tactical Firearms and Building Searches, for San Jose Police Department Continuous Professional Training. He is the lead Instructor for the Force Options Simulator Instructor program and assigned by POST to redevelop the FOSI program. He is also a Taser instructor and responsible for all Taser training at the San Jose Police Department. He has instructed the use of conducted electrical weapons to over 100 sworn law enforcement officers. He plans to become a conducted electronic weapon (Taser) master instructor.

He is a current member for the California Association of Tactical Officers, and California Homicide Investigators Association.

He has an Associates Arts Degree from West Valley College. He is a graduate of the POST Instructor Development Institute (IDI) Levels 1 and 2. He is currently enrolled in the POST IDI Advanced Course (Level III). He also possesses a certificate from the Force Encounters Analysis Course, two day Force Science Institute, and is a certified Force Science Institute Analysist.

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