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The Bike Unit is a highly visible community policing tool. Bike officers patrol high crime areas, answer calls for service and engage in community related activities.

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The mission of the Victims' Assistance Program is to support Community Policing by helping to reduce the Community's fears and burdens from criminal activity. The Program will provide financial assistance to victims of violent crime or loss of property by building a partnership with the victim(s), the media, police officers, and members of the community. The Victims' Assistance Program will partner with local and national media to bring greater attention and community support to the needs of crime victims in our city. The program will consider applicants referred by the local media and will accept contributions from local businesses and residents to assist victims.
All contributions to the San Jose Police Officers' Association Charitable Foundation are tax deductible (501c (3): #770037824).
For More Information see the Victim's Assistance page.

(This is a SJPOA Managed Charitable Fund)

On June 4th, 2017, Reserve Officer Philippe Rebboah's life changed. He was traveling southbound on Highwayy 87 approaching Capitol Expressway when his vehicle hit a large object in the roadway (later determined to be a deflated jump house). This caused his vehicle to spin out of control. His vehicle came to rest in the #1 lane facing oncoming traffic. He exited his vehicle and attempted to get to safety when two other vehicles swerved to avoid the jump house and struck each other. One of those vehicles careened off the other and hit Rebboah straight on, launching him several hundred feet down the roadway. Paramedics arrived on scene and immediately began their work. They transported Rebboah to Regional Medical Center where he underwent several surgeries.

His injuries were severe, with several broken bones, a fractured skull, a severed toe, and still more surgeries in his future. However, if you know Rebboah, you know that he has an iron will, strong spirit, and is in tremendous shape physically (he was training to climb Mt. Everest at the time of the accident). I talked to one of the CHP officers that responded to the accident a few days later and he was shocked to find out that not only did Rebboah survive, but was doing surprisingly well. Rebboah is now recovering at home and going through physical therapy.

Rebboah however could use some help from his brothers and sisters here at the Department (although he'd never ask!). With Rebboah unable to work, his income has obviously started to suffer. We would like to ask if you can donate whatever you can to help a fellow officer out in their time of need. Rebboah has been with the San Jose Reserves for over 20 years and is also a retired Probation Officer. I know Rebboah would be one of the first ones in line to help us out if the roles were reversed.

Thank you!

(This is a SJPOA Managed Charitable Fund)

The San Jose Police Officers' Association Charitable Foundation is conducting our Annual Charitable Foundation Fundraising Drive. Your donation is what allows us to continue supporting positive community programs such as youth recreation leagues, drug resistance programs, victim support groups, widow and orphan support, developmentally disabled childrens programs and college scholarships.

We understand that these are tough times for many San Jose families - which is why charitable programs are more important than ever. By sponsoring league programs we are giving kids positive activities that keep them off the streets, and through scholarships we are helping hard working yet underprivileged students fight for the American Dream. Because we are a not-for-profit charity organization, your gift is 100% tax deductible. And you can be confident your donation is directly benefiting our community in a positive way. As police officers, our top priority is keeping our community safe and secure. That means performing our job to the highest standard possible, and giving back to our community through charitable Programs.

Thank you for your support.
Paul Kelly
President, San Jose Police Officers' Association Charitable Foundation

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