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The highly-visible bike unit has been well-received by both children and adults. Bikes are deceptively fast and they can get to spots where cars would find it very hard.

POA Endorsements

The San José POA Supports political candidates who take an active role in supporting Law Enforcement and Community Policing efforts that affect our community.

San José POA Candidate / Legislature position:

BulletVOTE YESJune 2016 SJPOA Election Recommendations

June 2016 SJPOA Election Recommendations

San Jose Sales tax Measure B


Passing this ¼ cent sale tax is our number one priority for the POA in the June election. This tax is long overdue and will bring in $40 million dollars a year into the general fund. Rebuilding this police department requires ongoing funding that this tax provides. This tax is supported not just by labor groups but by the San Jose/Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, the majority of the city council and most candidates running for city council. For more information visit

United States Senator
Kamala Harris

State Assembly District 27
Ash Kalra

State Assembly District 28
Evan Low

State Senator District 15
Jim Beall

San Jose City Council

The POA has not made endorsements for city council races in the June primary. We will be making endorsements in the November general election. Fortunately we see a good number of candidates that support public safety running for city council this election. Unfortunately we also see some candidates with deep ties to Chuck Reed, Vic Ajlouny, Pete Constant and Jose Salcido. It is troubling to see candidates who want to further drag our department down and turn back the clock on rebuilding what they helped break.

Please be advised of the following candidates that do not support the rebuilding of the police department and would move San Jose backwards into Chuck Reed days if elected.

District 6
on Dev Davis

District 2
on Joe Lopez

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