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The highly-visible bike unit has been well-received by both children and adults. Bikes are deceptively fast and they can get to spots where cars would find it very hard.

Past Executive Board Messages

by George Beattie

POA Elections

I would like to begin by saying, thank you to our membership for voting in the new Bylaws change permitting the POA to increase your monthly dues. This action will help us fight back against a city government that is trying to bully us, as well as ensure the future viability and success of our association. The Board of Directors, Franco, Jim and I know this was a difficult request considering the fact we are now taking home less money each paycheck. We understand the financial impact this will have on your families. At the same time you have sent us a strong message of your commitment to battle against those who offer us praise out of one side of their mouths, but carryout actions that are completely opposite of those sentiments from the other.

Our next membership meeting is Tuesday, October 5, 2010. At this meeting, members can nominate who they want to represent them on the Board of Directors, as well as for the offices of President and Vice President. I understand that several people are interested in running for the President and Vice President positions, as well as for positions on the Board. I view this as a sign that our membership is awaking; that the level of membership participation in our associations affairs is increasing.

Being elected to a position on the Board of Directors, Vice President or President requires a tremendous amount of ones personal time. You must have a selfless dedication to the men and women of our membership you take an oath to serve and represent. I ask that those of us who are considering running for any of these positions seriously question your ability to responsibly fulfill the duties needed to help this organization succeed going forward. All of these positions require a person to be available on their off time, including the weekends. If you know in your heart that you cannot make such sacrifices, you are doing the membership a disservice by applying for one of these positions.

Members who do not intend to run for a position within the POA also share a degree of responsibility to ensure that they elect a candidate or incumbent who has the associations best interest in mind. How does one determine between who can make the necessary commitments? Do your homework. With all of the potential candidates, evaluate their work habits. Ask their supervisors and peers for recommendations. For the incumbents, come to the POA and ask to see their attendance record at the Board of Directors Meetings. Also check to see if they complete the assignments for which they volunteer. POA representatives are human beings. They too have personal commitments that cause them to miss an occasional meeting or two. However, chronic absences should be a clue as to his or her level of fulfilling their obligation to you, the members.

Know that once a person is elected to the board they cannot be fired by the executive officers. They remain seated until the membership votes them out or they decide to step down. Therefore it is important to vote for someone you know who will try to make a difference as opposed to someone who may be popular amongst the troops.

Additional Notes:

I want to thank all of our members who have participated in walking against ballot Measures V and W. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We will be walking every weekend until Election Day, November 2, 2010. If these measures pass, they will dramatically affect our members. It is incumbent upon all of our members to attend these walks. Face to face contact with our citizens is the best way to help defeat these measures. This is a fight all of us must be willing to take on. I look forward to seeing many of you out there.

As always and most importantly, be safe out there.


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