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Past Executive Board Messages

by Franco Vado

September Membership Meeting Minutes

There were three items on the agenda for the September 7, 2010 Membership Meeting.

President George Beattie opened by asking the membership if there were any questions on the purposed dues increase. There were no questions and the microphone was turned over to CFO Franco Vado to discuss the unions financials. The POA is financially secure; however with the decrease in membership the association cannot sustain its level of service without the dues increase.

Member Bill Enos was then called upon to address the membership. Bill spoke about different ways to address the increase in dues.

  • Incremental increase of 1.25% now, 1.5% in January 1, 2011, 1.71% in July 1, 2011
  • Incremental increases with a sunset clause.
  • Post pone the increase for further discussions.

The membership debated the options for a short period and then asked for clarification on what the motion would be. Bill Enos then agreed to amend his motion to just the three step incremental increase. It was then clarified to the membership that this vote was to only cover how the Board would implement the increase (supporting the motion meant incrementally) if the bylaws change passed by a 2/3 majority vote. The motion was seconded by Gary Jungling. The motion Failed.

President Beattie then discussed the SJPOA Chaplaincy Golf Tournament at Eagle Ridge. John Tennant took the floor and discussed the issues associated with the disability payments made under 4850 time. The end result is that the POA is working with the city to come to a resolution to the problem, and there should be no interruption in service time.

Board Meeting 9-7-10


At the Board of Directors' meeting that was held immediately after the Membership meeting, there was one item that we discussed which required voting.


  • President George Beattie made a motion to approve the minutes from the August 3, 2010 Board of Directors meeting. The motion was seconded by Director James Gonzales and approved.
  • The board then went into executive session to discuss issues involving individual members, and Legal Defense.
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