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Serving San José Police Officers Since 1962!

Traffic Officers ensure that all streets of San Jose are as safe as possible for its citizens by enforcing all motor vehicle laws.

Past Executive Board Messages

by Franco Vado

Log On And Vote

I want to thank the membership for approving the increase in dues. This was a difficult decision considering we have all seen our take home pay shrinking. As I prepare the 2011 budget I want to assure you that we will be taking a careful look at expenditures, and trying to find ways to streamline the budget. We have established a budget committee to oversee this process, and it is our goal to find ways to save money without impacting any of the benefits that the POA provides to the membership. This increase will allow us to maintain all of the programs that the POA provides as the city drives the staffing of the police department to 1200 (probably less), while building a political action fund that will allow us to take on politicians and initiatives head to head.

This November we will be asking you to log on again for another vote. This time it will be for president, vice president and director positions. I am very pleased to see that there is a lot of interest. It has been a very difficult time for our association, and for that matter all unions. Cities across the nation are slinging mud and blaming their financial woes on public employees while ignoring their own mismanagement and wasteful spending. In the past two years there has been a large turn over at the POA. This has brought forward lots of enthusiasm and fresh ideas. I am very pleased with the direction this organization is going and hope you are as well.

When voting I encourage you to vote for those whom you think will best represent you. You will be asked to vote for President, Vice President, and up to 6 Directors. If you feel that there are only 4 people who represent your best interests, then only vote for them. Clicking extra boxes just to fill them will only dilute the votes for your candidates. There is a lot of work to be done. We should all expect our representatives to be prepared to put in the many extra hours that will be required, and not just show up to a meeting once a month. The current leadership of the POA is engaged, listening, and working hard to make this organization a powerful force in this city. I encourage you to re-elect them and those that you think will be dedicated to fight hard for this organization. Voting begins November 1st and continues thru November 15th.

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