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Vanguard Featured Article

by: Richard Benitez


This article is a follow-up to the vacation bid article I published in this month's Vanguard. The next step in my research of the vacation bid problem was to look at all officers' vacation bids for this shift and last shift. I completed the research of both shifts for Day shift and Swing shift. For Midnight shift, I only completed the review of the vacation bids for this current shift.

I am publishing this latest research so that all our members can review the research and come to an understanding of the problem. The first document is from a spreadsheet of the "Bid Patterns". The document lists the number of successful bids for a full week of vacation, a 3-day period of vacation, a 2-day period of vacation, and a 1-day period of vacation. The document also shows the total number of vacation days successfully bid for both shifts and for the one-year period. It also shows how many days of yearly vacation an officer accrues and how many days were bid over or under that yearly vacation accrual.

For example, Officer #1 On day shift was able to successfully bid 2 full weeks and 2 1-day periods of vacation this shift and 2 full weeks and 1 2-day period of vacation last shift for a total of 20-days of vacation bid for the year, which is 2 more days than the yearly accrual for that officer.

The second document, titled "Vacation Comparison by Seniority" shows the amount of vacation successfully bid for the last 2 shifts as a percentage of the yearly vacation accrual for the different seniority levels.

Please take some time to go to the PDF links for these documents and review them Before taking the Survey: Bid Patterns & Vacation Comparison By Seniority

Once you have reviewed the documentation, please let us know your opinions by taking the Vacation Survey at: (Member Log In Required).

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