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Vanguard Editor's Dispatch

by: Juan Reyes

Kid to College

I know some of you are pro's at this, but Law enforcement never prepared me for this. I know it's a wonderful time in their life and suppose ably in ours, but why the anxiety?

Our boy is attending college in Hawaii. College in Hawaii? You vacation in Hawaii, not go to school there! I know of others attending school in Hawaii and I guess if you have to go to college somewhere, why not Hawaii. I asked my son if he wanted to change places, of course you know what his answer was.

As new parents to this, (our other kids are attending or attended college locally), we have a need that we must be in the middle of everything. I can tell you that our son can't wait to check in to his room. I guess it's time to move out! Actually, it's us that he's escaping from. As parents, we did the constant pre-drive bys of the campus. Did you? You know we have to have it right in preparation of the big move in time.

Anyway, we spent most of the morning on the University of Hawaii, Manoa at the ROTC office. What a great looking campus! It was nice to the meet the Cadre and talk a bit about the old days in the military. Of course, I'm talking with Captains the same age as my oldest son. They are highly motivated and I know I would have a great time if it was I that was attending.

After a couple of hours on site, my son walks out with all of his military gear. I was extremely proud of him, especially when he was carrying all the equipment. Hoorah!

Our son is attending Chaminade University, next door to UH. He has learned the quickest way to UH for PT at 0600 hrs. With time, he will learn just about everything he will need to survive away from home, except for those 17 units. Ouch!

I think that most of the work is going to be with mom and pops in dealing with this separation. I'm sure we will all be fine in months to come, but now that I'm retired…

Stay Safe!

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