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Vanguard Editor's Dispatch

by: Juan Reyes

Gearing Up

I know that a lot of you have been wondering what the heck is going on with so many retirements over this past year? It's time and it's mind boggling to see so many leave, especially all the years of service that goes with that.

For those of you on the promotional list whether it's the Sgts. list or the Lts list, best of luck on the opportunity to embark upon. It will definitely be an experience for you.

For those of you officers pushing a beat car or following up on cases as a detective, hang in there. As you look right and left, Porky the Pig would say, "That's all folks". More officers are leaving than there are being hired and if the powers to be don't respond quickly to this, it will be too late to catch up. The community will be at risk with only priority calls being handled.

City Council folks really don't know what is best for their Districts so there are quite a few surveys being bounced around the communities requesting feed back on what to do. This is good. As you can imagine, the PD is getting the most attention. As the POA sets dates for upcoming negotiations, all I can say is that it's time to Gear up and be prepared. Most importantly, take care of yourself and your family first!

Bits and Pieces:

Governor wants to release close to 40k inmates or send them to Mexico. I say, let's take the ones with five years or less with minor convictions, and let's send them to Iraq. This would be one way for them to give back to their country while serving their time! Just a thought.

On a good note, the San Jose Mercury News owner is seeking to file for bankruptcy protection in a major restructuring of the company's ownership and debt!

Thank you Lord, be safe out there!

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