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Our Department currently utilizes one helicopter for policing purposes of deterring crime and providing Community Policing support to our community.

Vanguard Editor's Dispatch

by: Juan Reyes

It seems that now that I'm retired (ya right), I have the opportunity to see things in a different manner than before. I know that many times I see things that make me wish I was in a patrol car just so I could take action. For example, I saw a SOB spit on a lady's car in front of me for attempting to merge in front of him. It was totally unacceptable and he definitely deserved to be serviced. He never let her merge!

I recently had the misfortune to sit in a crowd and listen to a very few folks criticize the police for their pensions and complain, "how dare they get paid for life for just a job." Ah, excuse me, but it's not just a job or an adventure, they or we are the only few that can do this job. Just like the Elite Units of the Armed Services, not ALL can do this job nor would they want to! These complaining folks need to get off the "hands out" routine and grow a pair. They need to quit crying about what they don't have and be grateful they have a country that supports them both medically and financially. Anyway, this can go on forever, but most importantly, thanks to all the men and women in blue for your service to the community. The majority of the citizens support you more than you know. Hang in there during these gut wrenching times and more importantly, stay positive within yourself. Remember, family comes first!

Just the other day, I was eavesdropping on a conversation between two eight year old boys. My grandson Derek and his neighbor in crime, Ben, were talking about visiting vacation spots and where they both have visited in their long life on this planet. Ben, after seeing a vehicle displaying Arizona plates, remembered a time in Hawaii when they were visiting the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. My grandson asked Ben, "what is the most memorable thing that you remember?" Ben replied, "Getting my head stuck between the bars". My grandson then asked, "Really, did the rescue squad help you get out?" "No," Ben replied, "my mother did by pushing my ears flat against my head." My grandson than asked Ben if he had cried. He replied, "yep, because I couldn't get out by myself and my sisters were laughing at me!" My grandson then asked Ben what else they did on their trip and he replied, "I can't remember."

On that note, stay safe and enjoy your families. Listen to the conversations of the young ones around you and enjoy their young and fresh look at life. They can sometimes if not all the time bring a smile to your face. Or at least get you to scratch your head.

Stay Safe!

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