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Vanguard Editor's Dispatch

by: Kerry Hillis

The week before I started with the POA I received a text message from the POA leadership indicating that I should be ready to fight from day one-they weren't kidding. As soon as I arrived, the City Council voted to place Measures V (eviscerating binding arbitration) and W (altering city pensions) on the November ballot.

In addition to my duties as Vanguard editor, I'm here to do what the leadership asked me to do in that text message: help you fight. From now through Election Day I will be helping to organize our precinct walking and phone banking activities down at the South Bay Labor Center at 2101 Almaden Road, San Jose, CA.

I can tell you from my experience working on campaigns, when politicians are running for office they all walk precincts and make phone calls to voters. Be it candidates for local offices or candidates for the highest offices in the land, politicians take the time to canvass. They do this because making direct contact with voters works. Precinct walking for local ballot measures is even more important as many voters do not have the time to pay attention to these issues until they walk into their polling place or sit down to fill out their vote-by-mail ballots. Newspaper ads and television commercials have their place, but having actual direct face-to-face conversations with voters is invaluable.

If you are an active police officer, please sign-up to walk or phone bank at After you log in, sign-up information will be right on the opening page. You can also sign-up on one of the sign-up sheets that George and Jim have been circulating at briefings. If you are a retired police officer or just a concerned reader who would like to help bring down these measures, we will be precinct walking at the Labor Center every Saturday and Sunday beginning at 9AM through to Election Day. If you are not available on weekends, there will also be phone banking opportunities every Monday-Thursday beginning at 5PM at the Labor Center.

When you arrive you will receive training on what to do, you will be fed, and then you will be sent out to talk directly to the voters of San Jose.

These are hard times for everyone, cops included and I'm happy to have been brought in to help you all get your message out to the public.

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