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Vanguard Editor's Dispatch

by: Kerry Hillis

The Vanguard is Changing

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

You may have noticed that weve been adding new regular sections to the Vanguard. These sections include BTS Corner, Battlefield Diary, and the Political Update (which were starting in this edition). In the coming months we will be adding even more content that we hope you will find interesting. Beginning next month, the Vanguard interview will no longer be a monthly section of the paper. Well still publish interviews from time to time, just not every month. All of these changes are part of a larger effort to make the publication more useful and user-friendly to our readership.

Along these lines, the Vanguard will also soon undergo an even deeper makeover. In keeping with the overall goal of making the publication more user-friendly, starting with the January edition, the Vanguard will change from its traditional newspaper format and to a magazine format. It will still be a monthly publication, and you will still find most of regular articles you are used to reading.

We will also soon be changing the way we post Vanguard content on Currently, we post individual articles from the President, Vice President, CFO, General Council, and others to the site. As soon as we work out the technical details we will begin posting complete .PDF versions of the Vanguard on the site with a .PDF archive of Vanguard issues fromat this pointthe previous year.

Other changes are in the pipeline as well over the course of coming year for the Vanguard,, and Ill keep you posted on these changes as they come to fruition.

Happy Holidays!!!

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