San José POA - San José Police Officers' Association
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Serving San José Police Officers Since 1962!

The highly-visible bike unit has been well-received by both children and adults. Bikes are deceptively fast and they can get to spots where cars would find it very hard.

Contact the POA Staff & Execs

San José POA Office and Hall: 1151 North Fourth St, San José, CA 95112

Phone: 408.298.1133 Fax: 408.298.3151

Email: Send an email from our Contact Form to:
BulletBoard: President - Paul Kelly
BulletBoard: Vice President - John Moutzouridis
BulletBoard: CFO - Franco Vado
BulletStaff: Executive Director - Joanne Segovia
BulletBoard: Director - Joaquin Barreto
BulletBoard: Director - Sean Pritchard
BulletBoard: Director - Edward Chan
BulletBoard: Director - Greg Connolly
BulletBoard: Director - Theodore Davis
BulletBoard: Director - Rick de Lisser
BulletBoard: Director - Rob Imobersteg
BulletBoard: Director - Anthony D Kilmer
BulletBoard: Director - Steve Slack
BulletBoard: Director - David W Wilson
BulletBoard: Director - David Woolsey
BulletStaff: Administrative Assistant / Member Services - Maryanne Babiarz
BulletStaff: Administrative Assistant / Graphic Designer - Nicole Decker
BulletCommunity: Chaplain - Jim Becknall
BulletCommunity: Chaplain - Bryan Allen
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