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Member Support: The Prim Family

Taking care of our own, especially in the most difficult of times, continues to be demonstrated by each of you. There is no magic wand or ability to erase the pain but lending a hand and being there to support a brother or sister in need can never be understated. A brother officer needs your help and asking for that help is never easy but we believe it is necessary.

Sgt. John Prim, husband, father, and friend. John has been faced with one of the greatest challenges any one person could with the recent passing of his beloved wife, Allison. John must now be the strength of two with the loss of his wife as he cares for both of their children.

The SJPOA is lending a hand to support John during this incredibly difficult time, and we are asking for any help you can offer. On behalf of John and his family we say THANK YOU.

May God continue to watch out over our brother and his family while they adjust as life will never be the same.

Please click HERE to donate to the Prim Family via credit card.

If you would prefer to make a contribution via check, please make it payable to “SJPOA” with “Prim Family” written in the memo line. They can be mailed to us at:


1151 N. 4th St.

San Jose, CA 95112

Questions? Problems? Please email us at for the fastest help.


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